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An Introduction to Investing in Residential Rental Properties

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Invest In This eBook Now! Only $12.99

Have you dreamed about investing in residential rental properties to generate income and build wealth? You’re by no means alone.  A recent Bankrate survey finds that 31% of Americans think real estate is the best way to invest money that they won't be able to touch for a decade, compared to just 20% of Americans who chose stocks.

Our e-book, An Introduction to Investing in Residential Rental Properties, was written to help guide you through the sometimes-confusing waters of residential real estate investing. Written by a seasoned and highly experienced real estate investor, this e-book hits on the important things you should consider in your quest to build a real estate rental portfolio.

This easy to understand 50-page resource will help you:

  • Understand the watch outs related to investing in real estate.
  • Understand the distinction between active and passive real estate investing.
  • Develop your portfolio strategy.
  • Bring some clarity to the question of whether or not to partner on real estate deals.
  • Understand the various terms, metrics and return analyses important to evaluating and comparing prospective properties. 
  • Decide whether or not you should use a third-party property manager.
  • Gain a better understanding of how to source deals.
  • Understand liquidity and why it’s important to investing in real estate.
  • Gain insight into why buying right is so critical to returns.
  • Learn why good tenant screening and onboarding is so important to your success as a real estate investor.
  • Better evaluate and understand your financing options
  • Evaluate whether real estate investing is for you.
  • Determine when to sell.
  • Learn more about other key considerations related to residential real estate investing.

This e-book is laid out in an easy to follow format and includes some helpful worksheets you can use for various pieces of the process.

Why is this e-book important to you? While there are a number of real estate investment resources available, we noticed that many of them fall short of providing a good overall picture that allows the reader to both understand rental property investment and to make good decisions about whether to invest and how to invest.

This e-book was written with the novice in mind and focuses on offering the reader with a sound basic understanding of investing in residential rental real estate along with helpful tools to help them evaluate deals as well as their tolerance for risk. We wanted to put a resource in the hands of prospective or novice residential real estate investors that is practical, easy to read and understand and that gives the reader a sense of whether real estate investing is for them.

Because real estate investing carries with it a fair amount of risk, it’s important for anyone considering diving into that type of investment to read and absorb as much valuable information as possible before taking that dive. Once you’ve read this e-book, we think you’ll agree that the $12.99 you spent to purchase it was money well spent.

I’m a real estate agent and sometimes have clients who want to jump into investing in rental properties. With some clients, I quickly realize they know too little about real estate investing to be making such as large investment. I searched for resources I could recommend to my clients interested in that type of investing and discovered this e-book in my search. It’s now one of the top resources I recommend. – Josh A. Real Estate Agent, Florida

This Workbook Is A Must For:

  • Anyone considering investing in residential rental properties.
  • Novice real estate investors who are looking to expand their portfolio of properties.
  • Investors who may have already invested in rental properties, but are struggling.
  • Anyone interesting in real estate investing.

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Act now to get your copy of this excellent and practical resource written by a seasoned real estate investor.

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