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Meeting reasonable, but demanding expectations is clearly an important requirement for all employees. Some employees are quite capable of meeting such expectations while others simply are not. Prior to writing off an employee as someone who can't do the job, it is essential that the employee's direct supervisor's ability to manage be carefully evaluated. Keep in mind that a manager/supervisor is responsible for hiring, training, coaching/mentoring and directing the work of his/her direct reports.

Why Sales People Fail 
Having a quality sales force in place is essential to the success of most businesses. As with most employees, there are always a few employees who just don't fit the position they are attempting to fill. And in some cases, people who are a good fit can fail as well depending on the circumstances. But why do sales people fail?

Customer service is a broad term generally used to define how well customers are served by the organizations they do business with. Our experience and observations indicate that there has been a deterioration of customer service levels in many businesses in recent years. This stems primarily from poor attention to detail and a lack of a customer-orientation throughout the business. Bear in mind that your business should be striving to provide nothing short of outstanding customer service.

Salespeople aren’t the only ones closing deals these days. Customer success managers’ (CSMs) roles are focused on helping customers, which in turn creates loyalty and a more successful business. Customer Success professionals can help their companies succeed even more by cross-selling and upselling. Companies put cross-selling and upselling strategies into effect to increase the sales of their existing customers.

While building a customer base, businesses sometimes move too quickly and focus on quantity rather than quality. Just as organizations experience turnover in their employee ranks, turnover occurs in the customer base as well. The extent to which both occur has a significant influence on your bottom line. There is a lot of emphasis these days on creating satisfied customers. But is having satisfied customers enough?

There is a natural tendency on the part of some people to think that what they do is more important than what others do in an organization. Some of these people are simply ego maniacs who live in a fantasy world of sorts where they are in some way superior to everyone else. We talk often about leaving the excess ego at the door when you come to work in the morning. It is difficult for these people to do that. Keep in mind that most ego maniacs are typically covering up for some form of insecurity.

Once organizational goals have been developed, supporting objectives need to be put in place. Among the various objectives that need to be developed to support each goal are your marketing and sales objectives. These objectives will specifically delineate what it is you want to accomplish during the next year (or longer if your plan covers a longer time frame) relative to marketing and sales variables.

If you look at the performance of organizations, it is interesting to note that those businesses that perform at the highest levels usually have some sort of formalized strategic plan in place and are implementing it well. On the other hand, those businesses that struggle usually have no plan in place and seem to flounder in their attempts to be successful. Arguably, the leading cause of business failure is not having a strategic plan in place that is implemented effectively. If a business has little idea where it is headed, it will wander aimlessly with priorities changing constantly and employees confused about the purpose of their jobs. And it could chase strategies that have little or no chance of success.

Investing in residential rental properties can be rewarding and profitable. But having a sense for how you will build your portfolio of properties, be it just a few or many, is important to keeping you focused on buying properties that you believe give you the best chance for success on your specific market.

Providing effective feedback to employees is critical to the enhancement of employee performance. This article provides insight into a subtle, but important distinction between traditional feedback and feedback that focuses on benefits to the employee.

Having an employee performance review process in place is important for a number of reasons including: Enhances coaching and mentoring opportunities for managers and supervisors. Clarifies the performance criteria that are important for employees to understand as important in...

What is Strategic Planning? 
In order for a business to be successful, there needs to be a roadmap for success. A strategic plan helps to provide direction and focus for all employees. It points to specific results that are to be achieved and establishes a course of action for achieving them. A strategic plan also helps the...

Think More Strategically 
Getting employees to think strategically rather than operationally can be difficult. Here are some simple tips on learning to think more strategically: 1.Remember that the foundation for a sound strategic plan is goals. They provide direction and focus and well as a basis for finding alternative...

Creating a sales compensation plan that is equitable to both your business and your sales staff is a critical element of sound business management. Too many businesses construct sales pay plans that just don't make sense. Make sure yours works for all involved.

Preparing an effective business plan is important for primarily two reasons; 1) it will help guide the business and 2) it is essential to obtaining funding whether you are financing a start-up or early stage business or a mature one that is expanding. It is no secret that...

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