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Think More Strategically 
Getting employees to think strategically rather than operationally can be difficult. Here are some simple tips on learning to think more strategically: 1.Remember that the foundation for a sound strategic plan is goals. They provide direction and focus and well as a basis for finding alternative...

Preparing an effective business plan is important for primarily two reasons; 1) it will help guide the business and 2) it is essential to obtaining funding whether you are financing a start-up or early stage business or a mature one that is expanding. It is no secret that...

Creating a sales compensation plan that is equitable to both your business and your sales staff is a critical element of sound business management. Too many businesses construct sales pay plans that just don't make sense. Make sure yours works for all involved.

Every business must face the fact that they will eventually have to endure the impact of downturns in the economy. Economic conditions cycle for various reasons and, even though there has recently been an extended period of a strong economic environment, the world is now facing a...

Here are five common business mistakes that can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line.

There is often a lot of confusion about what constitutes a marketing strategy. This article summarizes how marketing strategies are developed and integrated into a marketing plan.

After many years of observing managers while seeking answers as to why certain managers are successful and others seem to fail, we have developed a list of attributes that seem to help explain why some managers are more effective than others. One of the primary problems in most businesses is a...

Showing 16 - 22 of 22     
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Customer Feedback

"All I can say is thank you! We were struggling trying to develop a strategic plan. A friend of mine made me aware of The Strategic Planning Workbook. She had used it and was delighted with the results of their planning process. I purchased a copy of it myself and was very impressed with the level of detail and the step-by-step process that it took us through to create a strategic plan. It really simplified the entire process for us."

Beth G., The Harl Group, Inc.


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