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The Marketing Plan Manual

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"A sound marketing plan is a must if your business is to be successful. This is an outstanding template for developing a success-oriented  marketing plan. It is one of the most thorough and user-friendly marketing planning resources available." - Customer Feedback

Because having a comprehensive and sound marketing plan can mean the difference between success and failure, it is important that your marketing plan be written carefully.

The Marketing Plan Manual is a complete guide that includes all of the instructions, forms and templates needed to write the kind of plan that will help ensure high levels of success. This manual will help you:

  • Differentiate your company and products from your competition.
  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Create effective marketing objectives and strategies that support organizational goals.
  • Organize and analyze information and data needed to develop your plan.
  • Strategically identify and define your target markets.
  • Develop realistic and attainable sales projections.
  • Price your products to maximize margins and volume.
  • Define an advertising and promotion plan that will help optimize sales and profits.
  • Build a distribution channel that maximizes revenues and customer satisfaction.
  • Establish your marketing and sales personnel needs.
  • Develop a marketing budget that makes sense.
  • Incorporate market research into your decision making process.
  • Create an action plan that defines each activity or task, who is responsible for ensuring their completion, and when they must be completed.
  • Write a complete and comprehensive marketing plan that will get the results you want.

Your marketing plan should be written in a manner that is straightforward, practical, and realistic. And it should give you the best possible chance of meeting or exceeding sales and gross profit objectives.

This comprehensive guide walks you through the entire process of writing a marketing plan and will help you gain a competitive and strategic advantage.

Written by seasoned business and marketing professionals who understand how to think strategically, develop plans that differentiate a company and its products from the competition, and achieve high levels of success, this manual offers enlightening and insightful direction on just how a winning marketing plan should be prepared. It includes everything you will need to create your plan.

The Marketing Plan Manual is widely used by organizations of all types and sizes ranging from some of the world's largest companies to small start-up businesses. It works equally well in small and large businesses as well as both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Included are straightforward templates and worksheets to guide you through the development of your plan. And each element of the marketing plan is discussed and explained in detail. It is easy-to-follow and easy-to-use.

This step-by-step marketing plan template is a must for:

  • Executives and managers interested in leading their organization to new levels of success.
  • Entrepreneurs looking for a template that guides them through the planning process.
  • Small business owners needing guidance in marketing planning. 
  • Non-profit organizations interested in developing a sound marketing plan. 
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to spend the time or money on seminars and consultants.
  • Planning team facilitators who need a standard planning manual for each member of the team.
  • Anyone needing a straightforward, step-by-step guide for writing their marketing plan.

"The Marketing Plan Manual stands out from other marketing planning books. It provided us with a complete template to follow and explained in simple terms how the plan should be completed.  It had everything we needed to complete a marketing plan that was far better than others we had written in the past. Also, their customer service is beyond great. We emailed them with several questions about our business and they emailed us back with specific and outstanding advice.  How many online companies do that?" -  Nancy R., MGB Companies, Inc.

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Customer Feedback
"Our companies were operating without comprehensive marketing plans. Our approach was fragmented and not very effective. We used The Marketing Plan Manual and it was a huge help in creating a marketing plan that really pulled everything together and forced us to develop a plan built around sound market strategies. This is a very impressive guide that I highly recommend." Barbara G., JPG Companies, Inc.


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