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Estate and Personal Records Book

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Over the years, we came to realize that there are many people who have done an inadequate or nonexistent job of documenting in a detailed manner their various financial and other assets along with their liabilities. Doing so is important for several reasons including allowing heirs to settle estates quickly, having good records while you are alive and having ready access to important information needed for securing loans such as financing for a home purchase.

Our e-book, the Estate and Personal Records Book, provides you with just what you need to record all important information including:

  • Specific assets and their values.
  • Bills owed on a recurring or periodic basis.
  • Personal items you want to pass on to heirs in a specific manner.
  • Life insurance information.
  • Net worth statement or personal financial statement (PFS).
  • Funeral and burial instructions and any pre-arranged/pre-paid funeral/burial/cremation documents.
  • Contact information for investments, attorneys, accountants, trustees, beneficiaries, pension funds, life insurance, creditors, and all other people and entities you and your heirs need access to.
  • Social Security benefits information.
  • Login or access information to account websites, safe deposit boxes, safes, etc.
  • Gifting information for cash gifts provided to family members over the years.
  • Documents such as wills, trusts, life insurance policies, investments documents, real estate deeds, vehicle titles, income tax returns, etc.

This workbook was developed to guide you through the process of documenting and storing all of the information that you need access to while alive and that your heirs and their counsel (attorneys, accountants) will need in the event of your death or incapacitation. It’s easy to use and instructions are provided for each step. Clearly laid out worksheets and forms walk you through the process of getting the important information documented.

Once you have completed the workbook and gathered critical documents (e.g., wills, life insurance policies) into one complete package, you can share it with those individuals you feel need the information such as your attorney, CPA, or executor of your estate.

Talk to any attorney or accountant and they’ll tell you that they are often paid big fees to assist heirs in gathering information, running down contact information, sorting through mounds of papers, making sure bills are paid, attempting to settle an estate without adequate information and documentation.

Don’t be that person who leaves a mess behind when they pass on in terms of their estate. And what about your spouse? Does he or she know everything you know about your finances, assets and liabilities? If not, then this workbook is a necessity for them to have access to everything in a neat, organized and thorough manner. And, while you’re alive, wouldn’t it also be nice to have a well organized and complete set of records you can rely on when needed?         

“I can tell you that we see problems routinely with a severe lack of information and documentation needed to settle estates or to assist surviving family members. If they simply completed your workbook and included that along with documents such as life insurance policies and investment statements, there would be much less anxiety for surviving relatives and our fees to deal with things would be far less.  – The Author’s Personal Estate Attorney

This Workbook Is A Must For:

  • Anyone planning to die (bad joke we know, but true) who doesn’t have thorough and organized documentation of their financial and other information.
  • Anyone living who wants better organization of their financial and other information.

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Act now to get your copy of this excellent resource to help you make life easier for you and your surviving relatives!

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